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  • Lahaina


    I can’t explain why Lahaina settled into a space in my heart. The Eagles song “The Last Resort” probably planted a seed in my young teen brain, an idea of a stolen place that could be somehow recovered. Eventually I learned the true history of Lahaina’s place in Hawaiian (and American) history, and the fantasy…

  • Hello again!

    Hello again!

    It’s been a while but all the cool kids are blogging again THANK GOD so I will too. Why did we stop? Why did we decide all our content should be in walled trash heaps like fb and tw? What were we THINKING? I’m not opening comments unless I feel a topic warrants a discussion.…

  • Tweet receipts

    Tweet receipts

    When you use anything for over 15 years and it looks like it might just change drastically for the worse it’s hard to just ignore that fact, ya know? So, my twitter-cred receipts: I started as banannie7 in March 2007 because someone else had banannie. They posted once. By February 2008 I had my preferred…

  • Most teens crush.

    Most teens crush.

    My crush was NY Mets catcher John Stearns.  In 1978 I was fourteen and a Mets fan but something (hormones, the something was hormones) suddenly triggered the awareness that 20something MLB players were quite, um, cute.  Quickly number 12, John Stearns, became “my guy”. (Ironically the Mets got him when they traded away my childhood…

  • I need to find a way

    I need to find a way

    … to make my travel accessory addiction pay instead of costing me so much (including finding places to travel to use my accessories.) TikTok? Insta? How much do all those amazon video review makers get paid?

  • So far this year

    So far this year

    I quit my job.  I’m letting my grays grow. I’ve entered my 60th year. I wore double ponytails to see Courtney Barnett My team is doing great and I am 100% on board with baseball. I’ve signed my money control over to professionals. I’ve decided not to move until I have at least one grandchild.

  • Goin’ gray!

    Goin’ gray!

    I’ve made the decision. Now for a year of hating my hair and a life of never having white stripes again! Last color was 12/23/21. Last PRO color was 12/2/21. 

  • Oops.


    I realized recently that my old personal site wasn’t loading. My fault, really. I was relying on automatic WordPress updates but not double-checking, and the database was hacked.  I hadn’t written anything new in years. I post to Instagram & Twitter, but those are fleeting images and thoughts with no staying power. Even my personal…

  • So this has been a crappy year.

    So this has been a crappy year.

    We lost so many shining stars, and in their place we got a steaming pile of orange 💩. But there were good things. They made me smile. Maybe they’ve made you smile too, or maybe they’re new to you and will make you smile in 2017. Music Beyoncé LemonadeMy favorite album of the year. Lemonade is…

  • Seeing Hamilton Last Night

    Seeing Hamilton Last Night

    I’m going to NYC to see @HamiltonMusical tonight and if protesters get in my way I will offer them smiles, fist bumps, and hugs 🤗 @banannie Last night, I was finally able to see Hamilton on Broadway. It was everything I expected, and what I needed two days after the election didn’t go as I’d…

  • Two more months living with my three sons

    Two more months living with my three sons

    The conversations start similarly- someone I haven’t seen in awhile asks about my family, and I respond that my three boys are all busy and well and living at home with us at least until the end of August. Then I smile and roll my eyes as if this is such an irritating circumstance. They…

  • Stepping Off

    Stepping Off

    I’m stepping off the cliff without a ‘chute. There’s a net, a buffer, but I’m not expecting to gracefully float down while I admire the scenery. I’ll probably tumble, flailing my arms and legs, then when I hit I’ll bounce around until finally I’ll settle in. I’ll take one more look up the mountainside, then…

  • #50atFifty


    1. Have a sense of humor about yourself. 2. Smile at strangers. 3. Put away the shopping cart. 4. Forgive quickly, don’t hold grudges. 5. Create stuff. 6. Now matters more than before or after do. 7. Sometimes silly is completely appropriate. 8. If you can do something about it, do it. 9. If you…